NUX B-5RC Wireless Guitar System

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NUX B-5RC Guitar Wireless System is the new portable 2.4GHz wireless system for musical instruments. The NUX engineering team has spent painstaking effort to develop its latest signal processing algorithm to offer you more stable signal, ultra low latency and less interference in reasonable distance, while maintaining the tone and feel of your playing!

Stable Signal

NUX B-5RC narrows down its bandwidth to 2M with no compromise on sound quality. It’s much narrower than most of other similar 2.4GHz wireless systems, especially Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices. Moreover, it automatically detects the best channel when it’s powered on. Even in complicated environments, the B-5RC will easily find the best way out.

Tone & Feel

The NUX signal-processing algorithm in the B-5RC is the secret to ensure high sound quality under such low bandwidth! We understand how important it is to keep your original signal pure without being badly compressed.

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